+4 Aim+3 Presence+3 Willpower+4 Strength+3 Endurance

+4 Strength Datacron
Difficulty: Medium

The +4 Strength datacron is located in the northern section of Alderaan – the Republic have no flight paths there, so it's a bit of a long walk. If you bought the MGGS “grapple” from the appropriate vendor in Alderaan (see the main Alderaan page for details), you may be able to use it for this datacron – otherwise, it's fairly easy to make a few jumps on a speeder to reach it instead.


We begin by taking a taxi to House Alde Library Thranta in the Juran Mountains and then follow the path in the images below to reach the proper position in Kaamos Territory :

Click the above images for a larger version. Note that in #2 above, we follow the faded road instead of the main road, since:

  1. It's shorter.
  2. It avoids the 40-50 elites located in the Thul Camp.

You'll also notice a small “break” in the red line (#2)- the roads themselves aren't connected, but there's a simple jump over some rocks to switch to the next road.

Once in place, you'll see the dam:

If you do happen to have the MGGS in your inventory, try right-clicking the item circled above. It will try to “grapple” you directly to the datacron. If the item is still bugged (at the time of this writing, BioWare hasn't fixed it yet), you can try right-clicking it twice to get it to work. It has to be timed pretty perfectly to work around the bug, but because it usually takes a large number of attempts to get it to work, taking the path here will usually be much quicker (you haven't wasted your money though – you WILL NEED to use the MGGS for other datacrons).

Click the image above to zoom in. You're simply taking making a jump while mounted on your speeder. It's not very difficult, though you may get temporarily stuck if you miss. It may be possible to do this without a mount (with SPRINT ON), but in the few attempts I made without a mount, I just-missed it each time. Normally by Alderaan you should have a mount though, so it shouldn't be an issue.

To climb the ladder, you're just jumping onto each rung. Jump+forward, or hold forward and keep pressing jump. Either way will get you up.

As you can see above (click for a larger view), you'll simply be jumping from the ladder on to the pad with the datacron. It's not a tricky jump or anything.

+4 Strength!

Remember, don't throw that MGGS away – you'll need it for later planets!

Chances are you've just got 1 more datacron to go. Assuming you haven't severely out-levelled the planet, get a few friends ready, and read the final datacron walkthrough!

+4 Aim+3 Presence+3 Willpower+4 Strength+3 Endurance

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