+4 Aim+3 Presence+3 Willpower+4 Strength+3 Endurance

+3 Presence Datacron
Difficulty: Easy

This is the easiest datacron on Alderaan. Go to a location, click on a bird, and you're brought directly to the +3 Presence datacron.


This one is located in the Glarus Valley (check the world map on the Alderaan page if you don't have any flight paths there). Start by taking the taxi to Wardpost Hurne.

Then follow the maps above (click for a larger version).

Once in position, you'll see a rather large bird.

Walk up to the bird, and right-click it.

You'll get a short (but scenic) ride directly to the datacron.

The bird will automatically drop you off at the right location.

Just go up to the datacron and take it!

Easiest +3 Presence you've probably taken so far!

Don't leave the area just yet though – the next one is in House Panteer, which is also in Glarus Valley. Take some careful hops down the rocks, and check out the next datacron via the buttons below:

+4 Aim+3 Presence+3 Willpower+4 Strength+3 Endurance

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