+4 Aim+3 Presence+3 Willpower+4 Strength+3 Endurance

+3 Willpower Datacron
Difficulty: Easy

The Willpower datacron is located on the 2nd level of House Panteer. It's quite easy to get to, and is a datacron you may as well do while questing in the area.


Like the previous datacron, we start in the Glarus Valley. If you're not already in the area, take a taxi to Panteer Refuge Thranta (check the world map on the Alderaan page if you're not sure where it is) and follow the maps below to begin.

(click on an image above for a larger view)

As soon as you enter House Panteer, the map will look as it does below:

Just follow the line.

Now, you'll see a door, just like below.

If you're looking directly at the door, it will appear to be a dead end. However, there's a small gap/space that you can see in the image above. There's plenty of room for you to walk through it.

You'll now walk through a hallway.

Once you've traversed the hallway, you'll be at the 2nd level. Almost there!

Follow the path above (you may have a few mobs to fight on the way), and you'll be at the datacron:

Grab the +3 Willpower, and you're good to go.

You can either backtrack, or do some careful jumping down to the 1st floor.

The final 2 datacrons are considerably more time-consuming. If you haven't grabbed the vendor-items for them yet, check the Alderaan page for details first. Otherwise, on to the next datacron!

+4 Aim+3 Presence+3 Willpower+4 Strength+3 Endurance

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