+2 Aim+2 Willpower+2 Strength+2 CunningGreen Matrix Shard

Green Matrix Shard
Difficulty: Insane Difficulty: Easy

WARNING: This datacron can not be done solo. It requires 2 people.

Thus, it receives an “Insane” tag. However, it is actually fairly easy to obtain when you have 2 people, so it also gets an “Easy” tag.


The Green Matrix Shard is located in the Abandoned Power Plant. Directions to the Abandoned Power Plant (located in the Tularan Marsh) are in the maps below:

The maps bring you there from the taxi in Brejik's Run Outpost (click for a larger version), though you can walk here from pretty much anywhere.

Once at the location depicted above, you should see something like this:

Just head on in.

Once inside, pull up your map. Here's where you (and your friend) are going:

Assuming the rakghouls didn't cause you any problems, you should now see a console and a platform, as shown in the image below (click for a larger view).

Now you see why 2 people are needed. 1 person uses the console, and the other person stands up by the X in the picture.

I didn't bring a friend, so I have to wait for a kind individual to come by. As soon as somebody (anybody) presses the button, I'll be thrown up into the air with an air-burst.

Note that this usually takes a number of attempts. You need to get thrown on a very specific pipe (which you can't see in the picture, as it's high above). You'll *probably* get thrown somewhere else, and will have to heal up, re-position, and try again.

Somebody did come by, and hit the button. After a couple attempts I ended up on the correct pipe.

You'll see I'm going to simply walk from this big pipe onto a smaller one.

I'm about to step onto the small pipe. Pretty easy.

Below, you can see the datacron glowing in the left. However, it would be tough to get there directly from the pipe. Jump down to the platform on the right instead.

Now, a simple run and jump. There's plenty of room to get a good start, so unless you psyche yourself out, you shouldn't have a problem.

Once you make the jump, pick up the Green Matrix Shard.


That one's actually a little fun.

If the friend you helped you hasn't grabbed all the datacrons on the planet, why not show them where they are? While your friend makes a few attempts, why not head back to the main page, and do some preliminary research on datacrons located at the next planet?

+2 Aim+2 Willpower+2 Strength+2 CunningGreen Matrix Shard

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