+2 Aim+2 Willpower+2 Strength+2 CunningGreen Matrix Shard

+2 Strength Datacron
Difficulty: Easy

Note: You will probably want to make sure your Quick Travel is up. This datacron's location is at the far end of Transport Station 5, which is a long underground area packed with mobs. You'll do a lot of fighting and a lot of walking to get there, and chances are you won't want to spend 15 minutes getting out again later.

Ideally, you should try to do this one when you're already questing in Transport Station 5 so that you don't have to travel through here twice.


If you aren't already in Transport Station 5, here's how you get there (coming from the Waypoint Station Morne Speeder in the Tularan Marsh). Click a map below for a larger view.

Now you should see the entrance to Transport Station 5.

Head on in!

Because it's such a long journey already, you probably don't have time to look through 40+ screenshots along the way. I'll provide a map instead:

Just follow the red line.

Once you're in the large area in the upper-right of the map, things should look something like this:

Follow the line above to the platform.

Go up the pipe, and jump to the next platform.

One last jump, and the datacron is just forward and to the left.

Here it is!

Grab that +2 Strength datacron, and you're free to leave. Double-check your quest log first though – if you have quests in Transport Station 5, you may want to do them before you Quick Travel out.

+2 Aim+2 Willpower+2 Strength+2 CunningGreen Matrix Shard

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