+2 Aim+2 Willpower+2 Strength+2 CunningGreen Matrix Shard

+2 Aim Datacron
Difficulty: Medium

Note: While the +2 Aim datacron does not require very difficult jumps, there are many opportunities to make a mistake and fall. Falling requires a lengthy walk to start again.


The datacron is easily accessed from the starting region of Taris – the Republic Resettlement Zone. If you're way off elsewhere on Taris for some reason, take the speeder back to the main base.

In the above images, you can see the start point (and path to get there). Feel free to click the images for a larger view.

Once in the circled position above, look south and you should see the grass meeting the wall.

You'll see above that your first step is to walk onto this ledge.

Once on the ledge, you will continue around. Follow the blue arrows above, staying along the wall. You will be making a few tiny jumps up & down, but nothing too difficult.

Here, we're continuing along the wall ledge, moving towards the massive tube/pipe.

We take the gray ramp, and jump on to that massive red/orange tube we saw earlier.

Watch the arrows above. We're getting in place so that we can simply “fall” onto the thin pipe on the right side.

Note that you can simply jump directly to that pipe, but I find it to be a little more dangerous. Getting in position to “fall” on the pipe tends to be safer.

Now that you're on the small pipe, follow the arrows to get to another wall-ledge, and eventually jump down onto a large platform. It may help to click the image to zoom in.

Note that there was a “break” in the pipe (between the 1st and 2nd arrow). I was able to walk across it, though I usually jump to be safe.

Once on the platform, you can see the datacron through the hole below. You're pretty much home-free – just jump down to it.

Congrats on your +2 aim! By now you're probably good at aiming your jumps, drops, and ledgewalks, so I think it's somewhat fitting.

+2 Aim+2 Willpower+2 Strength+2 CunningGreen Matrix Shard

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