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+3 Strength Datacron
Difficulty: Insane

The +3 Strength datacron puts your jumping skills (and often your patience) to the test. If you aren't yet an expert jumper, prepare to spend 30 minutes or more here becoming an expert. If you're already an expert, the difficulty is closer to a medium.


Start by taking a Taxi to Shadow Town.

From there, follow the map below to get in position (click to zoom in).

There may be 3 mobs guarding the gate, but once past them, things should look as they do below:

You'll be jumping up a series of boxes as you see above. These jumps are pretty easy.

Once you've jumped your way to the upper level, the map will change. Follow the path below.

At this point, I usually turn off sprint (I find that having sprint off helps me to make jumps more precise). You should see something resembling the image below.

You're jumping from the boxes onto the beam. It's possible that if you miss the beam you may fall, though generally this jump is easy- nothing extraordinary yet (but soon!)

You'll follow the beam around slightly as you see below. It's a simple walk.

You may want to click the image for a larger view.

Now we're getting to the jumps. The jumps where you may fall. You'll definitely want to click the image below for a larger version.

Jump #1 is pretty easy.

Jump #2 can be surprisingly tough. Often you'll just keep slamming into the side of the pipe (instead of getting on top). Try with and without sprint. Ideally, you should try to hit the spacebar right before the pipe thins slightly. If things just aren't going well and you're at your wit's-end, you can try jumping for the “gear” of the pipe coming out of the wall instead (which is more forgiving), but if you miss you will fall.

Jump #3 is the tough one. To make it, you want to back up as far as you can on the pipe, and take a running jump. It's easy to miss, and it's easy to accidentally make the jump but walk right off. I keep sprint off for this one, but you can try both. In this case, jumping *from* the “gear” attached to the pipe (against) the wall can be helpful, though you'd want to jump diagonally in that case, keeping in mind that it's *very* easy to overshoot the jump this way.

Assuming you made the previous jump #3, your next jump will look as below.

Note that I have panned the camera around for the above image. In actuality, you'll barely see the platform you're jumping to (you'll have to look up), and will be jumping upwards to it.

When you're there, it will look like a tough jump, but I've never missed it. Just make sure you get a good running jump from the circle-thingy.

Now that you're on the platform, you'll be jumping to the pipe you see in the image below. Again, I panned the camera around to give you a better look at the layout. Since there's plenty of room to get a good run, this jump isn't tough.

Follow the pipe around, and as you'll see in the image above (on the bottom-right corner), you'll simply fall down to transition to the pipe below. For the final jump labelled above, you're jumping over a large gap. It's not very hard (and you can do it with sprint turned off if you'd like), but obviously if you miss, you plummet below and have to start all over.

Now that you've jumped the gap, only a little more to go.

Similar to before, we have a pipe (for your first jump this time) where you'll often smack right into the side (undesirable) instead of jumping on top (desirable). Don't let yourself get frustrated if this happens, or you'll just keep speed-failing at it until you slip up and fall.

Instead, as labelled in the image above, try to jump *just* before the pipe thins out. This is easiest with sprint turned off, and by taking as best a running-jump as you can with the space you have. If you can't see quite where the pipe thins out in the above image (where the arrow by the text is pointing), you can try clicking the image, though it's a little tough to see even in the large-view. You'll definitely see it when you're there though!

Most of the remaining jumps aren't too difficult:
-the “beam” doesn't give a lot of space to make a running jump (for jump #4), but you can usually do it from an angle if need be.
-for the final jump (#5), if you find you keep hitting your head on the wall, just move slightly to the left.

Follow the final arrow above to swing around to the elevator, and take it.

Now you'll be here:

Directions are easy – only 1 way to go!

And here it is…

+3 Strength, baby!

If you got this datacron on your 1st try without falling:

  1. You're pretty impressive!
  2. I hate you.
  3. I hope the guide helped you anyway :p

In any case, now that the hardest one is done, you may as well grab the remaining datacrons on the planet. Use the buttons below to jump right to them!

+3 Aim+3 Presence+3 Strength+3 CunningYellow Matrix Shard

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