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+3 Cunning Datacron
Difficulty: Medium

The +3 Cunning datacron is located in an area with level 30-31 mobs. If you are considerably lower in level (even if you're a stealth class), you may want to wait before attempting it, though we'll provide instructions that might allow you to grab it via an evade-bug even if you're quite low.


This datacron is located in the High Security Lockdown area.

If you haven't done the Bonus Series of quests, you may not know how to get there – not to worry, we've provided maps/directions below.

Take the taxi to the Lower Industrial Sector (everyone gets this flight path). Then follow the maps:

When the elevator asks, choose HIGH SECURITY LOCKDOWN as your destination.

Now that you're in High Security Lockdown, you may want to grab the nearby bind point (in case you ever need to come back). Then, follow the map below to start your quick journey to the datacron.

(click images above for larger versions)

Once at the circled position above, your view should look something like this:

You're taking a quick few jumps up the boxes, then moving across the top level. Click the above image if you'd like a larger view.

Now, just a little further to a door switch.

When you reach the door switch, you'll use it to get into another room.

***If you are a low level, mobs below will aggro you when you get near the door switch. It will not let you use the switch when you are in combat. You have 2 choices at this point:

  1. Kill the mobs below, or;
  2. Move around slightly (line-of-sighting them) until they “evade”. Part of the flooring is solid (look at the floor when there for what appears to be a solid grey panel a couple steps away from the door switch) which they can't shoot through and after a few seconds they'll evade. As soon as you see “Evade” pop up on your screen, you will have LESS than a second to move to the door panel and click it before you re-enter combat, so this can take a few tries, and you have to be VERY QUICK about it.

***If all else fails and you decide you can't successfully kill (or evade-bug) the mobs, make sure you have the bind-point nearby so that when you do come back later, it's a short walk.

Assuming you did get in, things will look like this:

Where you're first standing, you're safe from damage. However, as soon as you jump down, you will take environmental damage (it doesn't matter where you stand, so don't bother trying to avoid fire).

You have to jump down and head to the terminal – once you jump, get to the terminal as quickly as possible and right-click it. If you have defensive cooldowns and/or medpacks, don't be afraid to use them if need be.

UPDATE: On my most recent attempt, it was not the 3rd one as shown below, but was the 2nd item instead.

As soon as you right-click the terminal, an option-box will come up. You need to choose the 3rd option, 326:3839. (Update: on my most recent attempt, it was the 2nd option, 326:3827. It's possible that BioWare has changed it to be random, so if the 3rd one doesn't work, try the 2nd, and if all else fails, try all the others). Do it quickly, since you're still losing health.

Don't worry if you make a mistake and click the wrong one – you'll simply get an error message. Just right-click the terminal and choose again. Do it quickly though, as you'll be losing health the whole time.

As soon as you enter the correct code, the door will open and you can head into the next room. Soon after entering the next room, you'll stop taking damage. As you'll see next, the datacron is waiting for you.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to also use the machine beside the datacron. It will give you a slot card/decoder which you need for the final datacron on Nar Shaddaa. Once you have both the +3 Cunning datacron and the slot card/decoder, you can click the exit terminal and leave.

Now that you have the decoder, you may as well grab the last datacron – it's not too far away! Simply click the Yellow Matrix Shard button below to get started!

+3 Aim+3 Presence+3 Strength+3 CunningYellow Matrix Shard

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