+3 Cunning+3 Willpower+3 Aim+3 Strength AND Blue Matrix Shard

+3 Cunning Datacron
Difficulty: Medium

For the +3 Cunning datacron, you'll be travelling the roof-tops in Anchorhead, the main Republic base. There are a few opportunities to miss a jump and fall, but generally speaking it's not that hard to obtain.


You begin by heading to Anchorhead (if you just arrived in Tatooine, you're already there – otherwise you'll have to take a flight back).

From there, get in position according to the maps below:

A pretty simple journey. You should now see the route you're going to use to get on the rooftops.

As you see above, you're jumping the wall, and following it forward.

Next, just follow the rooftops to the left, as you see above. A few jumps here and there, but nothing challenging.

Continuing along, you'll see you transfer to a couple walls and onto other building, heading towards a canopy you can vaguely see in the above image (click for a larger view).

Next, we'll be using the canopy to get to the other side. This is the first real opportunity to fall, though as long as you aren't careless, it shouldn't present a problem.

Keep in mind that you can walk along the ropes attaching the canopy.

You'll see below, the final jump is over a rather large gap. This is the most likely place to fall.

Feel free to click the above image for a larger version, though you can see it better in the next image.

Below, you've just made that “tougher” jump. You just need to get enough movespeed while on the ledge to make it.

Then follow the arrows.

Another transition to another canopy. Don't over-jump anything, and you'll be fine. Continue following the path.

For the jump below, you'll notice I've mentioned in the image that you can walk the rope instead of jumping. Do whatever you're most comfortable with.

We're getting close now.

Follow the route above, and then look down.

There it is!

Simply jump down and grab the +3 Cunning datacron.

A lengthy journey (that was a lot of screenshots, wasn't it?).

Not to worry, the other datacrons on this planet tend to be more simple. Click a button below to check one of them out.

+3 Cunning+3 Willpower+3 Aim+3 Strength AND Blue Matrix Shard

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