Red Matrix Shard+4 Strength+4 Presence+4 Endurance+4 Cunning

Red Matrix Shard
Difficulty: Easy
The first datacron on Hoth is rather easy. You do need to obtain a vendor-item first, and you do need to walk a ways, but beyond that it's a simple matter of walking right up to the datacron and taking it.


We start right in the Republic Base, Aurek Base. If you just arrived on Hoth, simply follow the map to the cantina vendor from the shuttle as seen below:

You will be buying a Hydro-Thinner from the vendor Brinton. It costs 18,000 credits, but after you've used it for the datacron, you can mail it to any alts you might have, or let your friends borrow it.

At this point, you may want to check the main Hoth map on the Hoth page, and decide if you want to actually head to the Red Matrix Shard itself now, or if it would be more efficient for you to do another datacron on-the-way. You can always come back to this page later!

Assuming you're ready to head to the Red Matrix Shard now, head to the Highmount Ridge region and follow the maps below (click for a larger image):

As you can see, it's a bit of a trek. Be careful not to venture too close to the Leth Outpost (an imperial base).

Once in the circled position, you should hopefully see the matrix shard right away:

If it's blending in too much with your surroundings, you can click the image for a larger view.

As long as you kept that Hydro-Thinner in your inventory, you'll be clicking on an ice-block. A short animation will take place, and then you'll see the datacron as you do below.

Grab the datacron. As long as you didn't mind the walk, it was a fairly easy Red Matrix Shard, wasn't it?

Pop back to the main Hoth page to see the world map (with datacrons), or click on a button below to jump to the next one!

Red Matrix Shard+4 Strength+4 Presence+4 Endurance+4 Cunning

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