Red Matrix Shard+4 Strength+4 Presence+4 Endurance+4 Cunning

+4 Cunning Datacron
Difficulty: Medium

The Cunning datacron is located inside the Star of Coruscant, in the Starship Graveyard region of Hoth.

If you enjoy little mini-puzzles, follow the first 2 maps to simply get to the area, and then try to figure the rest out yourself. You might find it fun too!


If you're still in the Starship Graveyard (perhaps from doing some other datacrons here), you're already close. In any case, follow the maps below:

As you see, you're simply heading into the Star of Coruscant, and taking an elevator up to the 2nd level (click the images for larger versions).

If you want to figure out the rest on your own from here, stop reading now! You can head back to the main Hoth datacron page in the meantime, or if this is your final datacron here, check the main page to find another planet.

For those who want to see the rest, here we go.

Here's a map of the upper level.

You can see we're on the far right side (just got up the elevator). You'll be able to see the datacron right away on the opposite end of the room. With me so far…? Good.

There are a total of 3 containers, all of which are labelled in the map.

  • Container #1 – this travels side-to-side in the room, between 2 boxes.
  • Container #2 – this travels side-to-side in the room as well, but passes very close to Container #3.
  • Container #3 – this one goes up & down. That's all it does. It does happen to be right beside the datacron though.

By studying the map above, you can probably already figure out what you have to do. We'll have some screenshots coming up, but just to make it clear:

  1. Follow the black arrows, jumping up to a forklift, a bunch of crates, running along a wall, and eventually to another crate.
  2. Jump from the crate to Container #1 (once it's close enough)
  3. Ride Container #1 to the other side, and jump onto another set of crates.
  4. Wait for Container #2 to arrive. Get on board.
  5. Ride Container #2 until it's close enough to Container #3.
  6. Jump to Container #3, jump to the datacron.

Ok, time for the images (click for larger versions).

We entered on the left side, jumped on the forklift, jumped from there to a crate, and kept working our way up.

Eventually we got to a lip on the wall and followed it until we were able to jump on another crate.

Now, we wait on the crate for the container to arrive.

No need to jump pre-maturely – wait until the container has arrived completely – it'll stop for a couple seconds and you'll have plenty of time to jump then. This is actually the easiest jump to make (hard to miss).

The container brought us to the other side of the room, and we made the jump off of it.

Now we wait for the next container (#2) to show up. Once it does, we jump onto it! Again, it stops for a couple seconds after it arrives, so you shouldn't feel the need to jump too early (you don't want to miss, afterall!)

Once on Container #2, we ride along. You will see Container #3 going up and down as you ride.

Ideally, you want to jump onto container #3 when it's down (as far down as it goes anyway). Then when it goes back up, you can jump to the datacron.

Note that this is where most people who fall… will fall. You may have to be a little patient. It's better to spend a couple extra minutes riding around on Container #2 than it is to jump and find out that Container #3 wasn't low enough.

In the image above, Container #3 is too high (it's almost at the top!), so I need to wait. When you're there, you should get a pretty good idea as to how high/low it goes simply by watching it.

The jump itself can be tough even if everything else is perfect.

  • Make sure you have sprint on.
  • Don't jump too early.
  • Remember, there's a lot of room to get a running-jump. And it's not possible to over-jump.
  • If you happen to be a Consular and are having problems, you can always try using Force Speed.
  • If a high-level Sage made it to the datacron (and you didn't), you can always ask them to invite you to group and use “Rescue” to pull you to them (you don't even have to use the containers in that case – just get as close as you can to them in the room). Alternately if you're a high-level Guardian you can Guardian Leap to somebody who is already there.

Good luck!

If you finished up all the datacrons, now might be a good time to check out the next planet by visiting the main page! Otherwise, well.. we do have the other Hoth datacrons here too! Just click a button below!

Red Matrix Shard+4 Strength+4 Presence+4 Endurance+4 Cunning

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