Red Matrix Shard+4 Strength+4 Presence+4 Endurance+4 Cunning

+4 Strength Datacron
Difficulty: Insane

Currently, one of the toughest datacrons in the game, the +4 Strength datacron requires you to kill and loot a level 47 CHAMPION mob with 92k hitpoints (and that's just the pre-requisite!). Most classes can not solo this mob before level 50, and even at 50, pure DPS classes have a lot of trouble trying to solo with their companion.


Note: The Ancient Probe droid only drops 1 Depleted Datacron. If you group up to kill him, make sure that everybody in the group is willing to go together to get the actual datacron at the same time.

We start by following the map below (showing the direction you'd go from the main republic base, though you may as well pick up the Republic flight path in the Clabburn Tundra if you don't have it yet). The “Ancient Probe” droid has to be killed as a prerequisite, so we start by finding him.

As you can see above, the dotted white line shows the path the Ancient Probe droid takes. It took 10 minutes for him to complete this path, going clockwise. Technically, he dips very slightly below into the next zone, but if you stand anywhere around the dotted line, you should run into him.

Note that he's quite easy to find unless he's been recently killed (the respawn timer takes a while). In that case, you may want to leave and check back later.

Once you find him, you'll see he moves rather quickly. You'll need a speeder to keep up with him.

Before going any further, we'll break down your chances of solo-ing him at 50:

  • TANKS can usually solo him at (or near) 50 with a healing companion. If well-geared, it will usually be a cake-walk. Assuming you're not a well-geared 50, all tanks should use a healing companion. The droid puts a “slow” on you which can make getting out of AoE tough. Guardians should get out of AoE by Guardian Leap-ing to their companions. Shadow tanks should Force Speed out of the AoE – if well-geared they may be able to rely on self-healing. Vanguards will just have to try to move out of the AoE quickly.
  • HEALERS can usually solo him anywhere near 50 with a tank companion. Often, it can be done at a lower level if they're quick to get out of AoE, and if they get their companion out of AoE quickly too (by setting the companion to passive when the droid places an AoE on them). If you can keep your companion up without running out of ammo/energy/focus, it will be an easy, but long fight.
  • DPS SORCS, COMMANDOS, and SCOUNDRELS should be able to solo him relatively easily with a tank companion at 50 if their companion is in decent gear by casting a periodic shield/heal, and making sure to get their companion out of AoE. Scoundrels will have a considerably more difficult time than the others, and may want to spend a little time dpsing from range so that when the companion is AoE'ed, they can set the companion to passive (it will also keep both of you from being AoE'ed at the same time).
  • GUNSLINGERS will have a brutal time even at 50. If you are unable to burn the droid down before your tank dies, you may have to pull out a healer and attempt to micro-manage your companion while circle-kiting the droid (very difficult due to the slow). Chances are, you'll want to simply bring a friend.
  • SENTINELS also have a brutal time even at 50. It is possible with a healing companion, but requires you to backpedal constantly, use all your cooldowns, and micro your companion out of AoE. I've done it as Watchman spec (which has some self-healing) – as another spec I'd probably ask a friend to help out. If your healing companion is well geared, it may be considerably easier.

A few tips when engaging him:

  • There are 2 AoE's that he uses, and they're targetted on a player (or a companion). The red one is the most painful (blue is less painful), but try to stay out of both.
  • Separate yourself from your companion – otherwise you'll both be hit by every AoE.
  • If the AoE is placed on you, run out. If it's placed on your companion, set them to passive so that they run towards you – as soon as they're out of the AoE, turn passive off.
  • Engage the Ancient Probe Droid in an area clear of other mobs. You do a lot of moving around and don't want to aggro something else.
  • The Probe Droid can be stunned. Use stuns if you have them, particularly if you (or your companion) are low on health and need a short breather to catch up.
  • If you're using a healing companion, make sure you don't run out of healing range of your companion – sometimes they don't follow and simply stop healing (by the time you realize it, it's often too late). When you have to kite/move, try to do it in a big circle so that your companion is always in range.

Good luck!

Got him down? Great. Here's the loot:

As mentioned previously, if you're in a group, only 1 person will win the role, and you'll all want to do the next part together (the person who wins has to be there to use the Depleted Datacron).

Next, we head to the Starship Graveyard, on the opposite side of Hoth (the far east side).

Simply follow the road to the red arrow (don't head inside the building – the datacron is at the outside entrance).

From here, it's pretty simple. Look at the wall, and you should see a pipe.

Climb up the pipe, jump onto the ledge above, and follow the ledge as shown in the image (click for a larger view).

Here's something of an overhead view. Walk down onto the pipe, and carefully walk down onto the assembly.

As we mention next, have the person who got the “depleted datacron” from the Ancient Probe droid you fought earlier simply right-click the Coupled Recharge Station. After a few seconds, the datacron will become available.

If you're in a party, make sure everyone grabs it! The datacron is only unlocked for a little while, and if somebody misses it, they'll have to go back and kill the Ancient Probe again. That would not be fun!

Congrats on the +4 Strength – the toughest datacron on Hoth. The others are easier, so if you haven't finished them all yet, why not do so now? Just click on a button below to get started!

Red Matrix Shard+4 Strength+4 Presence+4 Endurance+4 Cunning

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