Red Matrix Shard+4 Strength+4 Presence+4 Endurance+4 Cunning

+4 Endurance Datacron
Difficulty: Hard

This datacron isn't actually all that hard. It's a little long, and if you fall or miss a jump it certainly won't help matters, but it's not all that bad. Normally it'd get a Medium.

So why does it get a “Hard” rating? Because there are plenty of opportunities to get stuck. And /stuck is very unpredictable on the ledges near this datacron. Sometimes it will put you right back where you were, but other times it will put you at the start or throw you to a med center. And that's just not pleasant, now is it?

Oh, quick tip: Try not to get stuck!


I'll forewarn you, this one is a bit long. I've tried to use good camera angles to reduce the massive number of images, and hopefully managed to keep it easy to follow. That said, you're still in for a good bit of scrolling.

Start by getting to the Starship Graveyard on the east side of Hoth. Then follow the map from the taxi below (click for larger versions):

There will be quite a few mobs along the way, but fortunately the mobs at the actual destination are all Republic-Friendly Elites.

When in the position above, take a look to the south. Things should look remarkably close to the way they do below:

Click the image for a larger version. Follow the arrows – you're basically climbing the ice-stairs.

Another view, once you're up top (the same elite is selected to help you keep your bearings straight – again, click for a larger view):

Once up here, we're going to start heading east.

You'll see above there's something of a plateau (did I mention you can click the image for a larger version?). You're heading on to it.

Now that I'm in place, I've panned the camera to give a side-view (otherwise you can't really see much).

You're dropping down, and getting onto something of an ice-ledge.

Heal up after you drop. You'll be dropping again soon.

Next, you drop down. Generally, you can just ride you speeder right off the edge and land where you need to.

Once you've made it to the other side, start moving along that ledge you see above. Just to be clear and alleviate any possible confusion, you finished moving east and are now moving south along the ledge.

The ledge will end (blocked by ice), but you can jump down onto some ice platforms and work your way around as you see below.

You may want to get off your speeder for now. There is a jump on some of the ice platforms here (mentioned above). Make sure you see/identify it, and make the jump. If you miss, you will either fall (and have to restart), or get stuck (and have to hope that /stuck brings you back up instead of to a med center).

Once you've made your way along the ice platforms, another ledge! Ride across it.

Again, it will end. But again, you can follow some ice-platforms around.

These ice platforms go on for a little longer than before.

I jumped here to be safe – I wasn't positive if I needed to or not, but “better safe than sorry”.

Next up, you guessed it, another ledge.

And more ice platforms.

These ones are a little different though.

Look below (click for a larger version)

This time, the ice will bring you to an upper-level (the level with the datacron). There IS a jump you have to make, and it was pointed out in the picture above. As usual, you can click the image if you'd prefer a larger view.

Once you're on the upper level, you're going the opposite direction (north now). Hopefully the images pointed that out for you.

Below, you see that we run into ice again. Follow the arrows. Be careful though – there's an upcoming jump that can get you stuck (though you'll soon see you can opt not to take that jump).

At this point, you can see the datacron. Refer to the image below.

As mentioned above, missing the jump can get you stuck. Usually it will “bump” you out, but there aren't any guarantees. However, there's another option which you can see in the image (in dark green). Basically, you can use a speeder to jump to the ledge with the dark green arrows.

I tested the alternate path with a couple speeders:

  • It's super-easy with a level 50 speeder (110%).
  • It's tougher with a level 25 speeder (90%). You have to time your jump perfectly to make it across.
  • Either way, if you fall, there's no real penalty – you just hop back up on the ice and try again.

If you use the “alternate path” (which I'm inclined to recommend at this point since it's safe and you won't get stuck), you can just travel along that inside ledge – it runs right behind the beam.

Either way, congrats on your +4 Endurance datacron.

If you're ready for another, check one out with the buttons below. And don't worry, the others are much shorter (which is good – editing and uploading so many screenshots takes a while)!

Red Matrix Shard+4 Strength+4 Presence+4 Endurance+4 Cunning

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