+2 Presence+2 Endurance+2 CunningYellow Matrix Shard+2 Strength

Yellow Matrix Shard
Difficulty: Medium

Note: There is a level 16 ELITE near the start-point, and unavoidable level 15-16 mobs fill the zone. Generally, you'll want to wait until you're the correct level-range for The Works before attempting this datacron, though it's not 100% necessary if you don't mind a few death-runs.

This datacron requires a lot of walking, and a few jumps which aren't very hard, but are very critical. If you fall, it is a looong walk back to the starting point.


The Yellow Matrix Shard is located in The Works. If you don't know how to get to The Works, no need to worry:

  1. Take a taxi to Justicar Territory.
  2. Follow the map below to the elevator which takes you to The Works.

Once you've taken the elevator and are in The Works, it's pretty straightforward, as you'll see below. Just follow the the line to the datacron start point.

Once you're in place, follow the pictures below.

Easy jumps onto boxes and a pipe.

Your first real jump. No big deal if you fall (though any fall after this results in a long walk back).

The pipe drops down, and continues. Eventually you'll see that you switch pipes. The only time you might have to jump is if you get stuck on some of the pipe “gears”.

Just keep following the pipe.

More pipe walking.

Once you jump down onto the next pipe, you'll go up, and make another jump. It looks easy, but it's deceptive – 1 out of 2 people fall off here, right where you see the warning. The pipe literally bounces you to a side – sometimes you can recover, and other times… you're in for a long trip.

Made the jump. The rest is pretty easy as you can see.

A slight journey over one last pipe, and you'll be at the Yellow Matrix Shard. If you already got the shards from Tython and Ord Mantell, you can technically put together a low-level Strength Relic!

Feel free to check out the another datacron with the buttons below!

+2 Presence+2 Endurance+2 CunningYellow Matrix Shard+2 Strength

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