+2 Presence+2 Endurance+2 CunningYellow Matrix Shard+2 Strength

+2 Strength Datacron
Difficulty: Medium

Note: This datacron is actually pretty easy if you don't mind getting killed once. There's a level 17 ELITE mob guarding the path to it, but you can simply let him kill you and walk the rest of the way while you're in the 8-second stealth you receive after death. If you'd rather kill the elite, plan to bring at least 3 people.


The Strength datacron is located in the Jedi Temple. This is the furthest region of Coruscant, and if you're not a Jedi, you may not have even visited this area. No worries, here's how to get to the Jedi Temple if you haven't been there before & don't yet have the taxi path:

  1. Take a taxi to Justicar Territory.
  2. Head to the Elevator to get to The Works (1st picture below).
  3. Head to the taxi in The Works (2nd picture below). Use it, and it will let you travel to the Jedi Temple.

It's a long walk….. fortunately you only have to do it once, and then you'll have permanent taxi access. Don't forget to pick up any Bind Points you see so that you can Quick Travel if you need to in the future.

Now that you're at the Jedi Temple taxi, it's a quick journey:

Hopefully you're now in the position displayed in the image above (right-side circle).

You start by walking up this big pillar. Once at the top, turn left.

Head towards the wall, and start going left.

Follow the landing around. You can already see the datacron glowing in the image above!

Uh-oh! The level 17 ELITE is here.

He's surprisingly tough and very difficult to solo/duo unless you outlevel him a fair bit. Thus, the easiest thing to do is bring him to the edge and let him kill you there.

I'll show you the ideal place to “die” below.

It's an overhead view, but should suffice. Let him kill you while you're still up top, because if he kills you while you're in mid-air jumping down, it may not let you use the Medical Probe (and then you'd have to start walking from a Med Center).

As soon as you rez, jump/fall down onto the ledge and grab the datacron – don't worry about healing up first – as long as you start moving right away, you'll usually be out of the ELITE's aggro range by the time death-stealth ends.

This is also, incidentally, the same place you'd jump down even if you killed the elite. Either way, enjoy your +2 Strength Datacron!

Ready for more? Or maybe another planet? Either way, the buttons below should help!

+2 Presence+2 Endurance+2 CunningYellow Matrix Shard+2 Strength

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