+2 Presence+2 Endurance+2 CunningYellow Matrix Shard+2 Strength

+2 Presence Datacron
Difficulty: Easy

Note: There is a level 11 ELITE that you will need to contend with, so make sure you (and your companion) are up to it!


Take a taxi to the Old Galactic Market.

Then, follow the maps below…

1 2

Note, #1 and #2 above are in the order you encounter them! Click for larger versions.

They're pretty quick, but #3 and #4 below can take a little longer due to mobs.

3 4

If the maps are enough to work with, then great! If not, finish #3, because in the pictures below, we'll detail #4 starting at the yellow X and moving to the yellow circle.

Above, you'll see that we go straight, and turn left towards the ramp.

You can probably see the datacron already (I circled it above just in case you missed it).

The bad news is that the elevator doesn't reach it.
The good news is that it's a very short walk to get up there anyway.

Just follow the yellow brick road! (err… the yellow arrows).

Now that we're up near it, we can see the level 11 ELITE who's guarding it with a few of his friends.

You generally shouldn't have any trouble, though there are usually other Republic questing in this area who can give you a hand taking him down if need be.

Enjoy your +2 Presence!

If you haven't grabbed all the datacrons on Coruscant yet, why not check out the next one with the links below? If you're already done, check out the next planet!

+2 Presence+2 Endurance+2 CunningYellow Matrix Shard+2 Strength

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