+4 Aim+3 Endurance+4 Cunning+4 Willpower+4 Presence

+4 Cunning Datacron
Difficulty: Medium

This datacron is located in the OKARA DROID FACTORY, in the Markaran Plains area of Balmorra. While it's actually fairly easy to get to, there's a long fall you have to make, and if you make a mistake, it takes a long time to get back into position. Thus, it's given a difficulty rating of medium.


Start by taking a taxi to either the Upper Markaran Outpost, or the Lower Markaren Outpost. The directions below are shown from the Upper Outpost, but the Lower Outpost may be a little shorter.

Follow the yellow path to the Droid Factory – if you're questing on Balmorra, you're almost guaranteed to have quests that bring you here anyway, so you may want to wait until you're in the area to reduce the number of times you have to go here.

The entrance looks like this:

There are 2 doors – you can go through either, but we chose the left one above.

Once inside, your map will change. Follow the paths below:

The elevator in map #1 above takes you to the ASSEMBLY LINE in map #2. As always, you can click on either of the above maps for a larger view.

Once in position, your surroundings will look like this:

You'll see we jumped over the rail, and are standing on the assembly line itself. The door we need to get to is actually *under* this assembly line, so to reach it, jump down to the floor.

Once on the floor, things will look as they do below.

You may want to click the above image for a larger view – the arrow points to a doorway/entrance.

Head into the doorway, but only enter slightly… DO NOT GO IN VERY FAR – there is a long drop.

As soon as you enter the doorway, here is an overhead view:

You can see the datacron glowing on the pipes beneath you. It's a bit tough to see them (there was no way to get a “great” camera angle unfortunately), but click on the image for a larger view if you think it may help.

Now to get to it:

  1. Step onto the 1st pipe shown. Make sure you have full health.
  2. “Fall” down onto the pipe the datacron is on (do not jump, as it's already a long fall). Basically, pan your camera so that you can see the pipe below, and slowly walk off pipe #1, making sure you've aimed for pipe #2.

You might wonder if it's safer to make use of some of the other pipes you can see to get down, but it isn't – in fact, trying to use the other pipes makes it very likely that you'll miss and land on the ground.

If you do miss and land on the ground, it will take a while to get back up (you'll have to take an elevator to the main level and start again), so be very careful, and very precise in your movements!

Assuming you made the “fall”, the datacron is right there:

After you've grabbed it, the only way to go is down. You'll be in the Research area – if you have a quest here, great! If not, feel free to Quick Travel out of there, or open your map and head towards the elevator to get back to the main level.

Tired of going into Nests and Factories? Me too. Don't worry, the last 2 datacrons are outdoors, and aren't very tough to get to. Check them out with the buttons below!

+4 Aim+3 Endurance+4 Cunning+4 Willpower+4 Presence

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