+4 Aim+3 Endurance+4 Cunning+4 Willpower+4 Presence

+4 Aim Datacron
Difficulty: Easy

This datacron is quite easy, though you MUST obtain a special vendor-item before you can obtain it.


The +4 Aim datacron is located right in Bugtown – the starting zone for Balmorra.

To begin, you must purchase a vendor item. Follow the map below to reach the vendor (click the image if you need a larger view).

As you can see, you simply head into the water and make your way to the land on the east side of the map. Note that most of the water is an “exhaustion” zone as soon as you venture too far from the land, thus the round-about way that we took to stay near the land.

Once in place, you'll see the vendor, BA'TEIL – he offers an item called the LOST CODE CYLINDER for 5,000 credits.

Buy the item, and you're done with the vendor!

Time to head to the datacron itself.

If you just visited the vendor, simply backtrack to return to the mainland. Then follow the maps below.

Click either of the images above for a larger view of the map.

Once in the circled location, you should be on a broken bridge, with the datacron sitting on the other side (as seen below).

You're heading off the bridge, and taking a trip up the left side of the hill. One of the jumps is slightly tricky – you have to jump a little while moving up the hill – it's not very hard, but takes a little trial-and-error.

Once up, you'll be at the datacron.

So long as the LOST CODE CYLINDER is in your inventory, you can simply right-click the box to open it. The datacron will now be available. The box will remain open for at least a couple minutes, so if you have friends in the immediate vicinity, you may want to let them know it's up for the taking.

Pretty easy +4 Aim, eh?

Don't stop now though, the next datacron is also in Bugtown – click on the +3 Endurance button below to get started!

+4 Aim+3 Endurance+4 Cunning+4 Willpower+4 Presence

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