I am looking for...

The CHEAPEST places to buy a complete pair of prescription glasses (lenses and frames).

I am not after designer frames or anything fancy. I am simply looking for something very budget oriented that works.

I'm looking primarily for CHEAP glasses.

DESIGNER frames. I'm trendy. Name brands are important to me.

I understand that I will probably be looking at something more expensive than the budget category; but still less expensive than local stores.

DESIGNER glasses please!

A RE-LENSING service. I already have awesome frames and I just need new lenses put in my old frames.

NOTE: Repair services are also shown here.

Take me to RE-LENSING results.

More INFORMATION. I want to do a lot of research before I even "step foot" in an online store.

Show me everything from news articles to reviews to online resources for buying glasses online.

Take me to information results.

Site FAQ. I want to know what this site is about and what makes it tick.

Take me to the FAQ.

Some data might be wrong on this site. Do not take it at face value. Do your own research to verify the claims here.