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Frequently asked questions...

Why was this site created?

People are looking for different things or in other words: have different requirements. Most of the glasses sites out there list only on a couple shops where the person running the site has bought from them. And other sites just list every single retailer which is not always helpful if you do not have time to browse through and read information on all of them.

The guided nature of this site is designed to help narrow down a selection very quickly based on common needs/goals.

Which retailer is best?

None of them are best! If that were the case then all the others would be out of business by now! Usually they cater to different needs. The ones which are successful usually have a clear target market. Your goal should be to find the one that caters to YOUR needs.

Where can I find more detailed information about the retailers?

For a starting point, I'd suggest taking a look at another project site, Eyeglass Retailer Reviews. Be forewarned that it's better suited to someone who is willing to read info and reviews about numerous retailers for 30+ minutes.

You did not list my favourite retailer!

That was not a question! But I will answer anyway :)

There are hundreds and hundreds of online glasses stores out there. The ones listed tend to be pretty well-established and reliable. In other words, even if this site weren't updated for 5 years, all those retailers are likely to still be around.

Why does Zenni end up in all 5 cheap categories? Do you work for Zenni?????

I actually did not realize that until I had finished making them all (I did them one at a time) :p

I do not work for them although I recommend them to people sometimes. Zenni just really has the discount glasses market cornered at the low-end of pricing. That is part of why they have stayed so popular; nobody has been able to out-do them at the low end yet. They are kind of like Amazon or Monoprice in that way.

This site is super awesome, how can I share it?

You can post a link on your Twitter or Facebook or your blog to the site if you like it. I would appreciate that very much!

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