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A few resources worth checking out...

Eyeglass Retailer Reviews

Created in 2006, EyeglassRetailerReviews was the first site on the web aimed at consolidating information about all the glasses retailers of the time; right as awareness was growing about the ability to order glasses online. The site was quite popular for the time (mentioned in some news articles) and while it had numerous updates over the years, it has settled down in recent times. There are some reader reviews in addition to the main ones, but most are from back when it started.

It is still a great resource though and is probably still the closest thing to an authoritative resource out there.

Eyeglass Retailer Reviews website

GlassyEyes Blog

"Ira" from the "GlassyEyes Blog" put together his blog near the end of 2006. He focuses on the main 4-5 retailers, but undoubtedly helped to increase awareness of online glasses shops: especially through social media. His blog stayed pretty active up until the middle of 2013 where it took a pretty abrupt drop off. He mentions in one of the final posts that he has been busy; there are tax issues in his state; and he is looking to maybe sell the blog at this point.

Assuming the blog does stay around it is worth checking out especially if you want to read about the retailers he promotes. There is also a Google discussion group linked to from his site that seems to have died recently in activity but there is probably a lot of good information archived there.

GlassyEyes blog

Cheapism Article

"Gina Briles" from the "Cheapism" has written an article about some top picks for eyeglasses online.

All the ads make the Cheapism site a little hard to navigate but there are some great tidbits in there; for example if you live in the US and your eye doctor will not give you your PD measurement: the FTC has a "prescription release rule" that requires them to do so. If you can handle the ads the whole article is worth a read for sure.

Cheapism glasses article

Major News Articles

I will bunch these up because if you are going to read them there is no use in me repeating what they say here. They are pretty standard news articles about buying glasses online.

New York Times
Chicago Tribune
Wall Street Journal
USA Today
CBS News

You can find many more by doing some thorough searching although I suggest you use Bing because Google you will have trouble finding correct results even with specific search terms until you get to page 5 or so whereas Bing will usually show things by the end of page 1.

I hope we did not lose you to those other resources! Maybe head back to actually find some sites with the button below.

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