<< Whoops, this was not what I wanted. Take me back, jack!

I want cheap glasses, and...

CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. I do not care about anything else so stop asking.

I'm the type of person who buys merchandise out of the back of a van.

CHEAP is my ONLY priority.

The website must be NEWCOMER FRIENDLY.

I am new to this and would like a little hand-holding along the way. Site must be easy to use.

Show retailers well-suited to newcomer shopping/learning.

The retailer must be VERY REPUTABLE.

At least 5 years in business and an "A" rating with the BBB. I don't want to risk a "fly-by-night" company.

Established retailers only.

I have UNIQUE lens requirements.

My prescription is high or complex. I probably need high-index lenses too so the glasses don't weigh more than my cat, too.

Retailers who accommodate high/complex prescriptions.

I want a MASSIVE frame selection.

I could browse frames all day, am picky, or just love finding something unique.

Retailers with over 1000 frames.

Phew, we're glad you picked "cheap"! There is a massive selection of retailers that compete in this low cost area so you will have quite the selection!

Of course more options makes it harder to choose one! So let's narrow it down a little more before showing you results ok?

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