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Cheapest low cost glasses results...

Zenni Optical (definitely!)

Zenni has numerous frames and lenses beginning at:
-$6.95 (single-vision)
-$28.90 (progressives)
...with extras (coatings, shipping, etc) being reasonably priced: typically in the $5-10 range.

They are undoubtedly the most popular place for cheap glasses online; and this is a trend that has continued for years due to their low pricing and strength in the market.

Opinions on Zenni on the web are mixed: while average "Joe Consumer" is usually pleased at what they get at the low price; finding people who were left unhappy with their frames, lenses, or the service isn't a difficult challenge. Most people feel safe starting with a $6.95 order and going from there.

Zenni Optical website

EyeBuyDirect (usually)

Similar in pricing on the low-end: EyeBuyDirect starts at:
-$6.95 (single-vision)
-$45.95 (progressives)
...with any extras rapidly increasing the price. They are one of few that charge for a UV protection coasting on the lenses.

They launched a few years ago and became a contender in the market very quickly. For single-vision lenses without add ons they are very cost effective. They heavily advertise the $6.95 base price of the frames with free lenses; but stepping up to anything else can bring the price up considerably.

Opinions on EyeBuyDirect are mainly positive although you will find a fair share of complaints revolving around frame quality and shipping times.

EyeBuyDirect website

Coastal (for first time orders only)

They have a "first pair free" promotion which is the only reason they are listed in the cheapest low cost category. It is hard to beat free! Keep in mind that the regular prices look like this though:
-$48 (single-vision)
-$197 (progressives)
...and every extra lens coating or upgrade adds at minimum $10.

If you are making use of the first pair free promotion it is hard to beat their price! But if you are not they are more expensive than any of the other retailers. The only saving grace is that many of the frames they offer are name-brand.

Coastal is pretty highly regarded: in part due to the ongoing promotion that many have taken advantage of. They also sell contact lenses and have region-specific versions of their site in a few countries.

Either way if it is your first time ordering be sure to locate the first-pair-free promo on their site before browsing because not all frames are eligible.

Coastal website

While you can find cheap frames and lenses at other retailers: Zenni and EyeBuyDirect are the only ones I'm aware of that will consistently get you single-vision lenses and frames for the cheapest possible: under $15 shipped within the USA. And Coastal is worth a shot if you can take advantage of the first-pair-free. If you are willing to spend a little bit more: you can find others that will still make it under the $20 mark (but you DID suggest that you wanted the absolute cheapest!).

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