+4 Cunning+4 Endurance+4 Strength

+4 Strength Datacron
Difficulty: Easy

The Strength datacron is quite easy to reach – if you're doing the world quest chain on Quesh, you'll be in the vicinity near the end of the chain anyway, so that would be a great time to do it!


The Strength datacron is in southern Quesh – start by heading to the circled area in the Quesh map below.

Once in position, your surroundings will look similar to below. You can see we're making a right-hand-turn right before the wall, and following the terrain (click below image for a larger view).

The path is really quite easy – just keep following terrain all along the wall.

Keep going, past the tree.

As you probably guessed, you can do the entire run on your speeder.

Eventually you'll see the datacron glowing in the distance. Just keep following the arrow above.

Just keep following the arrow. Almost there!

Aaannnnddd…. here it is.

Told you it was easy!

If you haven't grabbed the other datacrons on Quesh yet, now is the perfect time to finish them up using the buttons below. On the other hand, if you're all done on Quesh, you probably want to head back to the main page and check out the datacrons another planet, right?


+4 Cunning+4 Endurance+4 Strength

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