+4 Cunning+4 Endurance+4 Strength

+4 Cunning Datacron
Difficulty: Easy

The +4 Cunning datacron is pretty easy to get to. The longest part is simply getting there.


The Cunning datacron is located just off one of the northern roads. If you missed the start-point on the main Quesh page, another has been provided below (click to see a larger version):

The path shown is the most direct route, though it requires climbing some hills, and perhaps dodging (or killing) a few mobs. The 2 other optional roads are pointed out as well. They're simple, but take longer. If you opt for the lowest road, you might want to grab the +4 Endurance datacron on the way.

If you're questing on Quesh already, you can simply wait until you're somewhat near the west side of the map.

Anyway, once in the circled position, your surroundings should look something like this:

Click for a larger view. At this point, you're going to head towards the pipes you see in the image.

First, jump onto the pipe as seen below. It's not terribly hard – just keep jumping near the “gears” of the pipe (near the wall) and you'll eventually get up.

Then jump on the ledge (easy), and follow the arrows above.

You'll see the fence. Just follow the path around it. We're “looking” for a way in, and will find it soon.

Still continuing around the fence.

Finally, we see a hole in the fence.

Just head inside.

At this point we could tell you to just wander around inside, and you'd probably find the datacron within a minute. But just in case your favorite TV show is starting in less than a minute, we'll help you shave off a few seconds.

Just follow the yellow arrow in the map above.

…and the arrow in the map below.

If your camera is panned correctly, you'll already see the datacron glowing.

Fortunately, whatever broke into the fence didn't eat the datacron.

Grab that +4 Cunning and you're good to go!

Pretty easy, right?

You're probably thinking it was a little too easy. Perhaps you're thinking the next datacron should be one that has carries a high risk of death. Good news – the next datacron just might get you killed!

Check it out with the appropriate button below (+4 Endurance). We'll try to help you not-get-killed.

But no promises.

+4 Cunning+4 Endurance+4 Strength

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