NOTE: This site is quite old, and revolved around the original game.
It is here on for archival purposes and for those who may play the original who might find it beneficial.
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Welcome to the unofficial Cities XL game resource!

This site was created to give detailed info about the Cities XL game.

For those who haven’t heard of Cities XL, it’s a Sim City style of game. You create a city using roads and various building types, and manage supply and demand as your city grows. It’s a great game, although it’s fairly new and a bit buggy. As time goes on however, more and more content will be added to this site.

You can find Cities XL at


Until the site fills up, I’ll insert pages below as they’re added.


Construction (Industrial) – 5/5 complete

Cities XL food industry – added oct 19 2009
Cities XL heavy industry – added oct 19 2009
Cities XL manufacturing – added oct 19 209
Cities XL high tech – added oct 20 2009
Cities XL offices – added oct 21 2009


Construction (Commerce) – 4/4 complete

Cities XL retail – added oct 21 2009
Cities XL hotels (business) – added oct 22 2009
Cities XL hotels (holiday) – added oct 22 2009
Cities XL sport/cultural leisure – added oct 23 2009


Housing (Residential) – 1/1 complete

Cities XL residential (all types here for now) – added oct 26 2009


Further sections coming…


Once a sufficient amount of info about the game has been put up, this front page will be revamped and comments will be opened so that viewers can submit corrections.