What to look for in an online glasses retailer


Buying glasses online - what to look for in a retailer.

There are a few things in particular that are wise to take into account when looking for a retailer to buy glasses from.

BBB Rating

The BBB rating of a retailer is perhaps one of the most important aspects to take into account. The BBB rating usually gives an indication as to how many complaints there have been, and whether they were resolved.

A retailer who is "BBB accredited" is more likely to resolve complaints or issues you may have. If there's an issue with your purchase that you can't resolve with the retailer directly, contacting the BBB is likely to produce results. This offers a degree of confidence - that you can probably expect any issues you have to be resolved in the end. A retailer can't simply "stonewall" you if they choose not to address your concerns.

Note that not all business have a BBB rating. The rating applies to US retailers, so retailers in other countries may be dependable/reputable, but this won't be indicated here.

A BBB rating is not a guarantee. A retailer with a solid BBB rating could very well turn around, shaft customers, and simply close business by the time the BBB gets to them. That's generally less likely though, and a solid rating indicates that history has shown them to be relatively dependable long term.

Short version: Try to go for BBB-accredited retailers and retailers with high BBB ratings when you buy online when possible

Website and Information

Check the retailer's website. Do they have "try on" feature so you can upload your picture and see how the glasses look on you beforehand? Do they offer a PDF you can print and cut out to try the glasses on in the mirror?

Check the information on the frames. Do they state sizes? You don't want to have to worry about buying frames that may not fit your head. Check the measurements and compare against your current glasses. make sure the images of frames are clear and show the color you're looking for.

Is there adequate information on the lenses available? Information on the coatings and options? If something is being sold under a name brand, are there clear indications that it's actually a name-brand offering?

Is the website easy to use? Are you comfortable using it? Does it leave you with confidence in what you'll actually be getting?

Final price

Don't just compare the starting cost of the frames. One retailer could offer frames that cost $29 including lenses, all the coatings and shipping. Another retailer could offer frames for $8 that come to over $40 after lenses, coatings, and shipping are put into place. If you're hoping to narrow down a selection of retailers based on price, frame style, or something else, you can check out the where to buy glasses page.

Compare the final price at checkout if you're comparing prices.

Shipping, Returns, and other Policies

See what the retailers policies are. If you don't like your glasses, can you return them? If your glasses arrive damaged, what's the policy? How long does the retailer state that it takes between the time you order and the time it's shipped?

There are certainly more things to look at, but these should give you a good start.

Many online eyeglass retailers can be found if you're looking to buy glasses. Click here to check out EyeglassRetailerReviews.com as a starting point.

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