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May 13 2012 Update: The first few tip pages are up!


If you're looking to buy a dishwasher, there are a few helpful things you may want to keep in mind (click the button below!).

Purchasing a dishwasher - tips and tricks


SaniDry, EcoSense, Nylon Coated Racks…. what does it all mean? I'll explain it all in the Bosch terminology section.

Feature terminology - What does it all mean!?


Ok, so I've got 6 wash cycles. I just want to wash my dishes. What cycle do I choose?

Sound like you? I mean… want to know the difference between “Normal” and “Auto”? And everything else? Details are in the write-up.

Which dishwasher cycle to choose?


Condensation Drying – Bosch has it. Now what is it? Is it for me? Find out here.

How the heck does condensation drying work?



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