Tython Datacrons

Tython is the starting planet for the Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular, and contains 3 datacrons. All 3 can be obtained during the regular quest experience, and are can be obtained solo while levelling in the zone.

Here are the 3 locations on the main map, and (roughly) the path you'd take to reach them…

Tython datacron locations on main map Tython datacron locations & path on main map
(click on an image above for a larger view)

+2 Endurance Datacron
Difficulty: Easy

Note: You will be travelling through a cave with level 6-7 mobs, one of which is a strong mob. If you're levelling on Tython you may want to wait until you get your companion.

From the Forward Speeder Camp, head south-east (refer to the map at the beginning). Not long after the fork in the road, you'll see a river. Head into the river and face north as seen below (click on the image for a larger view).

Once here, head north into the cave you can see above. You will have to kill a few of the level 6-7 mobs as previously mentioned.

Once you get to the exit on the other side of the cave, you will see the +2 Endurance datacron.

+2 Willpower Datacron
Difficulty: Easy

From the Forward Speeder Camp, head west into the Ruins of Kaleth (refer to the map at the beginning).

Follow the main road, and you should end up here:

Looking at the above picture (click for a larger version), you're going to continue to follow the main road. You'll move forward through the archway, and turn left. If it helps, you can follow the pink line in the minimap.

Looking above, you're continuing to head west. Follow the pink arrow through the small entrance to the building you see.

We've entered the small building. You'll see above that a broken piece of the building has made a ramp for us! Go up the ramp.

As soon as you get off the ramp, you're back on grassy terrain. You'll see above that I immediately turned right, and am about to go up yet another ramp. Do the same!

Now that the ramp has been crossed, you can see the datacron glowing in the distance. Follow the pink lines and enjoy your +2 Willpower datacron!

Blue Matrix Shard
Difficulty: Easy

Note: You will have to deal with a level 9 Strong mob. By the time you're in this area, you should be level 8-10 and have your companion, so it shouldn't be difficult. If you don't have your companion yet, don't try this without a friend.

From the Forward Speeder Camp, you have a long journey south. Refer to the map at the beginning of the article. If you're a Jedi, you're best to do this when your class quest brings you to this area so that you don't have to make the long journey twice.

In The Forge Remnants area, you start at the bottom of the “oval” road – right where the road converges. It may help to click the map below to see a large version.

Here, you face WEST. In the picture below, I'm in position.

Simply follow the arrows above, heading west.

Pretty straight-forward so far. Up ahead we'll veer slightly to the right right after the tree, but still headed WEST.

You can see we went as far as we could, and now have to turn LEFT, up a short pathway.

We continued up the pathway, and turned LEFT again. In the above picture, you can see the blue matrix shard glowing slightly in the distance.

Here's another picture a little bit closer – it should give you a better view.

Be careful at this point – the broken building you're about to cross has mobs below that will attack you. Make sure you have full health so you can jump down and fight them.

Finally here! Kill the level 9 strong mob and take your Blue Matrix Shard!

Now that you've grabbed all the datacrons on Tython, why not head back to the Main Page and take a look at datacrons on another planet?

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