How to get the best credit on Public Mobile by using referral code 40Z0MO

Are you trying to find a friend referral code so that you get the best credit currently available when activating your sim card on Public Mobile? Look no further!

Adding the referral code is very easy, and you'll receive a credit (usually within 48 hours) on any plan - even the low cost $15/month plan! Here are the steps:

  1. Begin account setup on Public Mobile.
  2. Once you reach step #4 as seen in the image below you will have the opportunity to enter the referral code.
  3. Enter the code 40Z0MO. Write it down now!
  4. Press the Add button.
Public Mobile Friend Referral Code

Want to see if you can find a Promo Code for the right-side box too?

If there is currently a Promo running, it can usually be found on the Public Mobile Twitter page: (clicking this link will open twitter in a new tab).

While the friend referral code for the bonus credit works on every plan, most twitter promos require a plan of $35 or more. So if you are choosing a $15/month or $25/month plan, you might only be able to use the 40Z0MO referral code. If you are choosing a $35+ plan you will likely be able to use both the 40Z0MO referral code and a promo code if there is one currently running.

Here is an example of a recent Twitter promo (promo code 2GBBONUS):

Public Mobile Twitter Promo Code

Make sure you use the 40Z0MO referral code in the left box either way!

The Good News

You will normally receive your credit within 48 hours of activating. You will receive a text message from 611 once it has been applied.

You can use the credit towards an add-on, or simply leave it on the account to reduce your next bill.

The Even Better News

Your bonus activation credit is only the beginning! You have even more opportunities to save via the rewards program where you earn points (1 point = $1 currently).

Note that these discounts are subject to change. However, many people have been using Public Mobile for years and have accrued many of these discounts (though a number of them under the old non-points rewards system).

Who owns Public Mobile?

TELUS Communications is the owner (along with Koodo). TELUS is the "premium brand", Public Mobile is the "discount" brand, and Koodo is somewhere in the middle.

Why is Public Mobile cheaper than TELUS or Koodo? What's the catch?

Public Mobile does not offer phone support, nor do they have physical stores you can walk into for assistance: all support is handled by creating a ticket via the website. Lower service, lower costs.

While Public Mobile uses the TELUS network, data speeds are limited to 3G speeds. Currently, Public Mobile customers do not have access to premium VoLTE or VoWiFi services either even though TELUS customers do. 5G is currently out of the question. So you can think of Public Mobile as a cellular provider that doesn't run on "cutting-edge tech" but instead utilizes the older "tried-and-true" stuff.

Next, you being PM customer provides them with the abilty to try and up-sell in the future. You will receive periodic upgrade offers from Koodo/TELUS while on Public Mobile. For example, 8 days after joining Public Mobile, they sent me an email stating that "Since Public Mobile and Koodo are on the same team, our friends at Koodo have a special offer just for you".

Finally, when travelling to other countries, Public Mobile is less convenient than the post-paid plans offered by TELUS and Koodo. For example, if you travel to Europe on your TELUS plan, you'll probably be able to make calls, text, and use data - you might have a massive TELUS bill when you get home, but you were able to use your phone hassle-free when travelling abroad. However, with Public Mobile you can not even roam in Europe! And if you want to roam in the USA with Public Mobile you have to add the appropriate roaming add-on first as your phone simply won't work in the USA until you do! This is of course not as convenient as having a plan with a premium provider, but on the plus side your initial service is cheaper on Public Mobile, the US roaming itself will generally be cheaper on Public Mobile, and you won't have any unexpected bills!

What makes Public Mobile stand out from the rest of the discount providers like Freedom, Chatr, and Lucky Mobile?

First and foremost... the discounts. At the very least, most people can obtain the autopay discount on Public Mobile. There are even a few people who have managed to get their monthly fee down to $0/month due to referrals, autopay, community rewards, and annual loyalty discounts. Heck, the fact that you get an annual discount simply by sticking with Public Mobile is above and beyond what any other provider in Canada does. Normally the only way to get a discount with a cellular provider in Canada is to call them up and threaten to leave!

The advertised plans are very honest. The cheapest Public Mobile plan is advertised at $15/month, even though most people will set up auto-pay and get it for $13/month. Some other providers (like Freedom) advertise the cost of some of their plans after discounts, and bury important details in the fine print. Public Mobile is very clear and straightforward.

The main add-ons (long distance and data) do not expire. If you buy 1GB of data or 1000 long-distance minutes to the USA, they will last until you've used up every last megabyte or every last minute. The other providers typically give you a maximum of 1 month to use an addon.

The USA roaming addons (which expire after 10 days) are competitively priced compared to other Canadian providers if your trips tend to last at least a few days and you use your phone a fair bit. $8 will get you unlimited talk while in the USA for those 10 days. $8 will get you unlimited text for those 10 days. $20 will get you 1 GB of US data for those 10 days. Of course, if you just need casual or emergency usage while roaming in the USA or go on very short trips, other providers who charge you per-minute rates like Chatr (or a non-discount brand) might be cheaper. And if you make frequent US trips or go for extended durations, you will certainly find cheaper options than Public Mobile. But there is at least a situation where the cost of roaming is reasonable compared to other Canadian providers.

As alluded to earlier, Public Mobile has add-ons that allow for USA roaming. However, that is the ONLY country you can roam in outside of Canada, so if you travel to other countries, you'll need to get a SIM from another provider. This makes Public Mobile better than Lucky Mobile (who has NO roaming available), but less flexible than Chatr (who will let you roam in almost any country at a voice call rate of $0.50 to $6.00/minute) or Freedom (who has roaming voice call rates of roughly $0.25 to $1.00/minute but to fewer countries than Chatr).

Once you've used all your allocated monthly data on Public Mobile, data simply stops working until the next month. There are no overages. However, it is worth mentioning that Lucky Mobile and Chatr both give "unlimited" data on their $25+/month plans at very low speeds once you've exceeded their allocated monthly data, which gives them a bit of a competitive edge.

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